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Emergency Dental Services


Get Help: Emergency Dental Services in Orillia

Are you suffering from a severe toothache? Were your implants damaged during a sport? When you need urgent dental care by a professional, you can count on Dr. Van Rassel Family Dentistry team. At our clinic, we understand that dental emergencies can be painful and even cause further harm to the surrounding teeth and gums. We provide emergency dental services in Orillia to ease your pain and make you comfortable.


Prevention Is Better than Care

While accidents happen, it’s best to do your best to protect yourself from oral health issues by following a few precautions. Regular visits to the dentist along with good oral hygiene habits are sure to prevent you from developing gum disease. Precautions such as wearing a mouth guard during contact sports and eating a healthy diet are also necessary to stay safe.


Come over to our office and our team will help all of your family understand the importance of oral care.


If you have a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call us immediately. We’ll do our best to help you.

Have Queries?

Read our FAQ to help you learn more about oral health.

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