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Dental Clinic Orillia



Family Dental Clinic in Orillia

Healthy teeth and gums mean a healthier you. Research continues to show the connection between good dental health and your overall health. Poor oral health can be linked to such conditions as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease, and the list is constantly growing as studies continue. Cavities and gum disease can cause sleep and self-esteem problems and may lead to behavioural and developmental problems in children. Our dental clinic in Orillia is committed to providing lifelong dental care for every member of the family, from young children experiencing their first dental visit to teens, adults and seniors.

We provide all aspects of dentistry including:

Teeth whitening


Periodontal care







Root canals




Children Are Welcome

At our dental office, we welcome children of all ages and take special care to ensure that our younger patients feel safe and comfortable. We also understand that a child’s dental appointment can be a traumatic time for parents as well, so we take the time to explain your child’s condition and our recommendations in detail in a language that makes sense to you. Together with you, we can help give your child a winning smile that lasts a lifetime.


We encourage you to come into our dental office in Orillia for a visit, contact us to book an appointment. Each member of our team is willing and able to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Stained Teeth

Take-home teeth whitening treatment packages  for a bright smile.

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